Water, the elixir of health

Let's talk water. Did you know you should drink water before you feel thirsty? I bet you didn't! Thirst is indeed the first symptom of dehydration and if you are feeling thirsty you are probably already dehydrated. How many other things you are missing out? Keep reading and you will find it out! Trust me, water can change your life!

My 2017 in review

2017 has been a FANTASTIC year for me, so why not to share the highlights with you? Plus, I consider myself a little goldfish and for no reason in the world I want to take the risk of forgetting all the magic the past 365 days were filled with! Yes, magic. Because yes, it's true, at the very beginning of 2017 I had set some goals for myself, but never I would have imagined that I could accomplish so much!

Osteopathy, this unknown

Ever heard about osteopathy? Whether it's the first time you hear about it, whether you are not sure if it has something to do with magic or medicine, or whether you know a bit but would like to know more, you ended up in the right place. Maybe you are in perfect health and you will never need osteopathy. But you never know... plus, knowledge is power, isn't it?

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