My 2017 in review

2017 has been a FANTASTIC year for me, so why not to share the highlights with you? Plus, I consider myself a little goldfish and for no reason in the world I want to take the risk of forgetting all the magic the past 365 days were filled with! Yes, magic. Because yes, it’s true, at the very beginning of 2017 I had set some goals for myself, but never I would have imagined that I could accomplish so much!

My 2017’s resolutions

Curious to know what I had committed to? Here we go! At the beginning of January I had “promised” to myself more me-time and self-love, more trips, more focus on my life-goals and dreams, and more courage. Do you think I kept my promises? Keep on reading!

More me-time and self-love

2017 has been the year of fitness and yoga. But how did I end up in these two worlds? Let me tell you!


My fitness journey started a bit by chance in 2016 with Kayla Itsines and her bbg (bikini body guide) thanks to Instagram. I was fascinated not only by the amazing transformation pics, but especially by the incredible amount of energy all the bbg girls emanated. And when I tried it myself I fell in love with the feeling that a sweaty workout leaves you with and didn’t want to stop anymore. Then 2017 came and I joined the #bbg12weekschallenge, which by the way is starting soon and I strongly recommend! After that I simply kept on sweating pretty regularly during the rest of the year, except for a couple of months here and there.



Last but not least, I also started a new less sweaty, yet very energizing journey: yoga. Once again I need to thank Instagram for allowing me to discover this world, which was new to me until then, and to get to know so many inspiring yogi around the world. How did I keep myself motivated? Easy! With @letsstartyoga by the lovely Jessica Jolie (if you don’t know where to start, this is it!), and the several yoga challenges I joined along the year.


More trips

It’s no secret that I was born to travel and, as such, my several trips per year are and will never be enough! Plus, since I got my first job and started getting a salary I reached the conclusion that the best way to spend my money is traveling. Is there a better investment than this?! Nope! So, I didn’t waste time and planned many trips along the year 🙂


I started the New Year in Lapland, which let’s be honest is everyone’s dream! There I lived for 15 days as a real Finn with my family and my boyfriend (who is a Finn from Lapland by the way). I did naked sauna followed by rolling in the snow every single day (well, I rolled in the snow only once, but went to sauna every day). I ate smoked salmon for lunch and reindeer meat for dinner. I rode a snowmobile in the untouched forests with the freezing air cutting my face and my breath. I admired the Northern Lights making more wonders than a kid. I met Santa Claus for the first time in my life and saw the loads and loads of letters he receives from the children of all the world. And many more unforgettable things.


The 4 capitals

In March I flew to Rome with my mum and had the best time being her guide. It was her first time in the eternal city, so it had to be special! And so it was. We spent our holiday stumbling in the thousand monuments and enjoying the delicious food Rome has to offer, and concluded there is no other place like Rome.


In June I flew to Paris with my boyfriend with the excuse of a yoga workshop held by Jessica Olie. Needless to say the workshop was awesome and didn’t disappoint my super high expectations. If you practice yoga and have the chance to attend a yoga workshop, don’t miss it: it’s a great occasion to learn while meeting amazing people with your same passion. Apart from the yoga parenthesis, we saw the best of Paris by foot, which translates in 20 km per day, and fell in love with its artistic and romantic mood.


In August I flew to Helsinki to participate to an amateur triathlon competition, the Helsinki City Triathlon, which I had already done 2 years before during my Erasmus there. My boyfriend had enrolled and challenged me as birthday present, and even though I hate losing I did not train at all for it and miserably lost the challenge. What a shame! Just kidding 🙂 I need to admit he did a good race and deserved to win. In addition to triathlon, we enjoyed our time cycling around Helsinki, eating my adored smoked salmon and meeting some friends.

In September I finally flew to Amsterdam with my mum, yey! Why finally? Because if I had already been to Rome, Paris and Helsinki before, this was my first time in Amsterdam. And mum knew it, so she gifted it to me for my birthday. The weather was not great, but as we were not expecting any better we enjoyed our wet holiday anyway and used the only sunny day to see the countryside, which fascinated us so much with its iconic windmills, fishermen villages, cheese factories and clogs’ workshops.


More focus on my life-goals and dreams

Following my dreams and passions was the biggest promise I made to myself in Jan 2017. Did I keep it? I let you judge! In May I founded a start-up with my boyfriend called CheekSoft and became the CEO.  Did I feel ready for it? Not at all! You know, I still feel tiny! But how priceless is it to know I am one step closer to my goals?! I couldn’t be more proud I took this responsibility! And it’ not all. In September our dream finally became true with the launch of our beloved app, KnoWhere. I let you imagine the excitement… we worked on it for more than a year with endless passion, and finally making it available to everyone was just EVERYTHING. In a few words, KnoWhere is a location-sharing app that can help you in countless occasions: to pull a surprise party, to eat pasta al dente every day, to find your friends before a concert, to let your kids go to school on their own being sure they get there safe and sound, and so on.

FullSizeRender 3.jpg

For now it’s available only for Android (you can download it here), but if you are an Apple user don’t freak out: we are working on it and you will be able to download it soon, I promise. If you are curious about KnoWhere, would like to know more or stay updated, head to @cheeksoft on Instagram and follow us!

More courage

More courage and less fear was probably the hardest change for my mindset, but also the one I wanted the most. In my 2017’s resolutions there was: “I wanna improve how I handle my difficult decisions. I don’t wanna be afraid of change. I don’t wanna be too impulsive and not even too reflective. I wanna keep in mind that my happiness is the priority.”. Well, I think I managed pretty well in my intent.

FullSizeRender 4.jpg

Want proof? Here you go. I loved my current job: I used to say I was paid for playing all day, so I let you imagine! I loved my co-workers: I couldn’t hope for better mates to share my days and have lots of fun with. I loved my boss too: he was very demanding, but knew how to make me feel appreciated and was not shy to tell how proud of me he was. But despite all of this, I wasn’t feeling at home in Côte d’Azur and didn’t like the way of living. I know, you might be thinking I am crazy: how can I possibly say I don’t love living in one of the most sunny places on earth? Well, I can and it’s true. Living there I understood that yes, sunny weather and warm temperatures are important, but they are not all for me. In this moment of my life, my priorities are others: I need more nature and less traffic, more space and less crowds, more fresh air and less pollution, more simplicity and less bureaucracy. As soon as I understood I wasn’t feeling completely fulfilled, I decided to put aside all my fears and make a change: I first looked for a new job in Finland (exactly as the one I was doing, at least on the paper) and found one in Helsinki, and then chose one of the best flats ever in the city center, where I cannot wait to move! I don’t deny it was a hard decision to take (it’s never easy saying goodbye to a life you like and jump into the unknown) and that I am scared as hell, but at the same time I cannot describe how proud I am of myself for embarking in such a different new adventure.

2017 has been amazing and this post is my way to remember all the good things and say thanks for them. I am extremely grateful for everything life gifted me with this past year, and I am looking forward to see what 2018 has in store for me. Remember to celebrate your successes too, no matter how small they are!


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