Water, the elixir of health

Let’s talk water. Did you know you should drink water before you feel thirsty? I bet you didn’t! Thirst is indeed the first symptom of dehydration and if you are feeling thirsty you are probably already dehydrated. How many other things you are missing out? Keep reading and you will find it out! Trust me, water can change your life!


Ever heard of the 8×8 rule? If you didn’t, no worries! Actually, there is not even scientific evidence for it, so there is no point for you to remember it. But just FYI it’s the rule stating you should drink eight 8-ounce glasses of water per day (~ 2 liters).

If there is not an exact amount of water that guarantees an adequate intake it is because it depends on 3 main factors:

  1. how big you are
  2. how active you are
  3. how hot it is

It makes sense, doesn’t it? Anyway, the point of the 8×8 rule is that you should drink a lot of water, and you are probably not drinking enough.

Last but not least, you should know that while it’s essential to keep your body hydrated, you shouldn’t exaggerate. You know why? Because there is such a thing as dying from water overdose. You shouldn’t bother too much about this though, unless you are planning to drink a ridiculous amount of water in a very limited time just to impress your friends.  As for everything else, balance is key.


Why is water so important? In short because the human body is ~60% H2O and every single cell in the body depends on water: it carries nutrients to our cells and helps us expel toxins from our organs. This still doesn’t convince you to drink lots of water? You are more hard-headed than me, eh?! Poor dreamer, don’t think I’m giving up so easily! I know what it takes to change your mind: I dare you to go through the following list of amazing benefits without thinking you should drink a glass of water right away!

  • It boosts your metabolism and makes you lose weight faster.  Studies show that drinking 0.5 l of water increases metabolic rate by 30%. In other words, with only 2 glasses of water your body’s ability to burn fat improves significantly.
  • You are less prone to overeating. Water helps suppress your appetite by sending the signal that you are fuller to your brain.
  • Your brain functions better. Staying hydrated helps you focus better and maintain enough mental energy for mindful tasks. If you think that your brain consists of ~75% H2O, drinking water makes total sense for boosting your brain functions.


  • Your risk of developing certain diseases drops. Researches show that drinking a good amount of water lowers your risk of a heart attack: people who drink 5+ glasses of water a day are 41% percent less likely to die from a heart attack than those who drink 2- glasses. And that’s not all. They also show that staying hydrated can reduce bladder cancer by 50%, colon cancer by 45%, and may reduce breast cancer too.
  • Your skin becomes clearer and smoother. Since skin is made up of 72% H2O it’s no surprise that a good amount of water helps keep it moisturized, giving it that glowing effect we all want.


  • It helps detoxify your body. Water acts as waste carrier and, as such, helps your body expel toxins faster.
  • It prevents and cures headaches. It’s well-known that headaches are often caused by fatigue. And fatigue is a side-effect of dehydration. So no wonder why staying hydrated is the first thing to do to avoid and cure migraines.


  • It enhances your performance. Yep, because H2O helps regulate your core temperature and maintain your blood volume. So unless while doing sport you want your muscles to fatigue and your heart to beat fast, drink plenty of water.


If you are not a water lover and you can’t help but drink less than you should, remember you can increase your daily intake eating food with high content of water. In this case, you may want to include in your menu lettuce, watermelon, broccoli and grapefruit, which all contain 90% water, or carrots, apples and yogurt, which are not bad either.

If instead you don’t mind drinking water, but you find it difficult to track how much water you drink during the day, consider using Hidrate. Hidrate is a handy app (available for both iOS and Android) that makes your life easy when it comes to meet your daily hydration goal, motivating you with funny notifications and building weekly rankings with your friends. If you are terribly lazy and manually adding the glasses you drink bothers you, you can even buy their smart bottle, pair it with the app and let it track everything for you. Pretty cool, eh? Keep in mind this is not an ad: I simply truly love this app and use it all the time!


If you came so far, congrats! If you came so far and drank a glass of water in the meanwhile, congrats twice! 🙂 Remember that taking care of our own health is our #1 task, so please make sure you drink enough water: it is easy and cheap!

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